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The Bloody Hundredth

The 100th Bomb Group gained the reputation as the ‘Bloody Hundredth’ due to the heavy losses they suffered. On their first mission alone the 100th Bomb Group lost three planes and thirty men. The 100th Bomb Group Memorial Museum functions as both a place for learning as well as reflection on the hardships faced by those stationed at Thorpe Abbotts.

The 100th Bomb Group flew their first combat mission on 25th June 1943 and its last on 20th April 1945. During those 22 months they were credited with 8630 missions with the terrible loss of 732 airmen and 177 aircraft. The group would go several months without any casualties and then on one mission might lose half the group.

This reputation spread throughout the Airforce with the 100th Bomb Group being deemed an unlucky group to be stationed to. 100th Bomb Group Major John Bennett summed it up though that; ‘what the 100th lacks in luck it makes up for in courage. The Men of the Century have fighting hearts’.


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