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Glenn Miller

Glenn Miller, the legendary bandleader, performed at Thorpe Abbotts on Friday 1st September 1944. In attendance, apart from the 100th Bomb Group, were the 95th Bomb Group from Horham, and the 390th Bomb Group from Framlingham. Also invited were the 65th General Hospital, from the Diss area. In total, 3,000 people were crammed in the main hangar to listen to Glenn and the American Allied Expeditionary Force band perform their well-known hits.

Earlier that day, the 100th Bomb Group had set out on a mission to Mainz, but were recalled due to bad weather. In fact, bad weather stayed around the base, forcing the band to stay overnight and return to their base in the morning.

Glenn Miller played for an hour, between 7pm and 8pm. The short concert may have been because there was a mission in the morning.

The band had also played Tibenham Airfield, not far away, that afternoon. With James Stewart based there, and no doubt in the audience, who could imagine 10 years later he would star in The Glenn Miller Story?


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