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Are you looking for a new challenge in 2020?

We're recruiting for a volunteer membership secretary to process our membership renewals. If you're interested in this role please email to arrange an informal chat.

Please see details below:

Membership Secretary Role



Once a form has been completed and payment made, the information is entered on to our listings – e.g. for the UK, Europe and the US. A note is made as to what method they have chosen to received their newsletter. If members become volunteers, then this information is added to the UK listing. Welcome letter and membership card sent to new member once processed.


A reminder notice is included in the summer edition of the newsletter. Renewal form is enclosed with the newsletter. Renewals come in quickly to start with, but then tail-off and will continue to come in even in January, especially from the US. The membership listing for the previous year is then updated as the renewals come in and later outstanding renewals are highlighted. Renewal date is added to the records. Check member’s contact details against listing to ensure our information for them is up to date. Membership Secretary’s piece in the winter edition of the newsletter reminding members that if they haven’t renewed by that time, then this copy of the newsletter will be the last one they receive. Donations often come in with membership payments – this is noted on the reverse of the cheque and then a ‘thank you’ letter is sent out. Some members pay a couple of years or more for membership, so it is important to check the records carefully (especially in the US). Payments can be by cash/cheque/standing order or electronic payment. Treasurer will inform secretary of standing order payments or electronic payments. We tend to use July as the commencing point for new memberships or early renewals, but anything before that is considered a renewal for the coming year (there has to be a cut-off point).

NEWSLETTER – Mailing / Emailing Sets of labels need to be prepared in advance for each edition of the newsletter. We have to keep in mind the following:- Renewal time – don’t sent out forms to those members who have already renewed. Don’t sent out renewal forms to members who are entitled to free membership or are honorary members. Depending on the time of the year, keep copies in the Varian Centre kitchen for regular volunteers – saves on postage. Work out second class postage, Europe, USA and Canada and keep a supply of airmail stickers. Envelopes and their contents are weighed before obtaining stamps. Work through listing for those members who wish to receive their copies via email – the bcc option is selected for this purpose because of data protection. Look out for any returned emails and double check details. Assist members if they need help with login. Liaise with editor of newsletter for publication dates and number of copies required. AGM Membership numbers are added to a yearly membership analysis spreadsheet and information is given out at the meeting.


Gift aid forms are included within the membership form. Forms are kept in alphabetical order and noted with any appropriate information for the Treasurer. Treasurer will collect information ready for HMRC Gift Aid submission.


Check with Treasurer on an annual basis that the membership form is up to date for purpose.


Members’ information – is kept on a Word listing and password protected. Files are kept in a secured filing cabinet.

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